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Holiday Trivia:
What song is associated with New Years?Auld Lang Syne
What day is Martin Luther King Day on?January 15
What colors are associated with Valentines Day?Red,White,Pink.
Can You name the symbol associated with St.Patricks Day?
Shamrock(three leaf clover)
What is another name for an Irish Walking Stick?Shillelagh
Name the sunday before Easter?Palm Sunday
What is the Easter Flower?The Lily
Mothers Day is on the third Sunday of May,True or False?
False,its on the second Sunday in May
What is another name for Memorial Day?Decoration Day
June 14th is Flag Day,How many stars are on the flag?50
Fathers Day is on June 28th?True/False?False,it's on the third sunday of the month of June.
Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?At Philadelphia,Pennsylvania
What is another name for Halloween night?All Hallows Eve
What are the traditional foods of Thanksgiving?
Turkey,Cranberries,Corn,Pumpkin Pie.
What did my true love give to me on the first Day of Christmas?
a Partridge in a pear tree.
Name three gifts that the wise men brought?Gold,Frankenscence,Myrrh.
What do you do when under the mistletoe?Get a kiss.
What is the traditional flower of Christmas?The Poinsettia 

Favorite Tunes:
Finish the song titles....
When Irish eyes are---- smiling
Oh you beautiful----Doll
Singing in the ----Rain
Home on the ----Range
Put on your ----Old Grey Bonnet
Beer barrel----Polka
You are my ----Sunshine
Dont sit under the ----Apple Tree
Let me call ----You Sweetheart
Tip toe thru the----Tulips
Tea for ----Two
My Blue----Heaven
Has Anybody seen my ----Gal

Common Bonds:
What do the items have in common?
Maxwell House,Uban,MJB,Hills brothers-Coffees
Jack Daniels,Coors,Vodka,Brandy-Liquor
Tide,Cheer,Wisk,Era- Laundry Soap
Coke,Pepsi,Rc,7up,A&W- Sodas
Pencils,Books,an Apple,Chalk,Desk-Things found in a Classroom.
Hilton,Holiday Inn,Best Western,Sheraton-Hotels/Motels
Avon,Mary Kay, Maybelline,Loreal-Makeup
Crest,Aim,Colgate,Aqua Fresh-Toothpaste
Rice Krispies,Corn Flakes,Cherrios,Special K-Cereals
Chevy,Dodge,Cadilac,Ford-Types of Cars
Wendys,White Castle,Sonic,Jack in the box- Fast Food Places
Ace,Queen,Spade,Hearts- Cards

Complete the sayings.....
Its raining cats and----dogs.
Don't count your chickens before they ----hatch.
An apple a day keeps the doctor----away.
If you can't beat 'em----join 'em.
Sticks and stones may break my bones,but ----words will never hurt me.
Hold your----horses
While the cats away,the mice will---play.
Birds of a feather----flock together.
A penny saved, a penny ----earned.
April showers bring ----may flowers.
Every cloud has a ----silver lining.
Don't put all your eggs in ---one basket.
Patience is a ----virtue.
A rolling stone gathers----no moss.

Famous couples:
popeye & olive oi
cleopatra & anthony
fred astaire & ginger rodgers
batman & robin
lucy & ricky ricardo
donald duck & daisy
roy rodgers & dale evans
lady & the tramp
donnie & marie
ozzie & harriet
amos & andy
sonny & cher
romeo & juliet
mickey mouse & minnie
abott & costello
bonnie & clyde
jack & jill
adam & eve
laurel & hardy
peanut butter & jelly

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