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What does Snoezelen mean?
It's a combination of Dutch words that mean "to doze" and "to sniff".
Imagine being in a room where there are colored,dancing lights,tactile items,soothing music playing in the background,and the smell of lavander in the air.
This is what a Snoezelen Room consists of,and this type of room was originally made for people with disabilities to calm and relax in.
In the past decade or so this type of therapy has gained popularity
and recognition within Long Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes working with Alzheimers residents.
A Snoezelen Room is a controlled envirionment,a safe-haven if you will,for Alzheimers residents to relax and get away from the pressures and noises in the "real world".
In this room you might find soft,comforting blankets spread out,large bean bag filled chairs,black walls,neon lights,fiber optics,bubble tubes,lava lamps,aromatherapy fan,glow in the dark stick ons,tactile boards,stereo with soft soothing sounds,a projector with nature images,and various other items.
Studies have found that this therapy has had noticeable effects on Alzheimers residents.
Benefits of Snoezelen:
Improved physical health
Improved mood
Improvement in attention
Improvement in memory
Decreased behaviors
and Better quality of life for the user.
To learn more about this therapy for Alzheimer residents go to:


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