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Hello Summer !!!


August Dates to Celebrate:
National Smile Week- Aug.1st-7th-Why don't you tell a joke a day during this week over your P.A.system,or make up some happy faces and copy them,then pass them out during the week to anyone that you see that has a smile on their face, then at the end of the week collect the happy faces(put names on them) and put in a container and have a raffle for prizes.The prizes dont have to be big.This activity is so much fun because you involve the staff,residents and families.
Ice cream sandwich Day-Aug.2-Make Ice cream sandwiches with your residents.(see below).
National Sandwich Month-Make Hero sandwiches
(see below)
Lucille Ball's Birth Anniversary-Aug.6th- Why don't you have an entire day devoted to "I LOVE LUCY "
hold a lucille ball look alike contest,have residents and staff dress up like lucy & have an I Love Lucy marathon and watch the shows on video.
Kite Day-Aug.11th- Make kites with your residents and go outside to try them,hold a contest to see whos kite can stay up the longest.
Hawaii Admited to the states-Aug.21st- Have a Hawaiian Luau- Have residents make lais in crafts class,serve BBq chicken and ribs,fried rice,fruit salad kabobs & coconut cream pie,have Hawaiian
dancers come out to teach the hula(call local dance studios)play limbo with the staff and families.If you want you can make this a community affair by putting up fliers and taking them to your local senior center,and throughout the community.
Call your local newspaper too.
Mae West Birth Anniversary-Aug.17th- Reminise with residents about the star, ask them if they can remember some of her famous sayings, and her movies,ask them about her" not so good reputation".

What's Cookin'?
Ice Cream Sandwiches
You will need:
Large Chocolate chip cookies
Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream
Chopped nuts(optional)
Give each resident two cookies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, put the sandwich together and roll the sides in the chopped nuts.
Eat promptly or freeze for later.

Hero Sandwiches
You will need:
One Dozen French Rolls,sliced in half
1 pound of Turkey breast
1 pound of Ham
1 pound of Salami
4 tomatoes
1 onion
1 jar of dill pickles
Head of lettece
1 pound of cheese(your choice)
salt & pepper
Just layer the meats and rest of the items on the bread.Makes 24 halves.

Hawaiian Party Ideas

This tropical island theme can be a real hoot--particularly if you challenge arriving guests to use the 12 letters of the Hawaiian alphabet (a, e, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, u, w) to come up with fun new nicknames to go by.

Aloha! Guests will know they're in for a fun ride when they get this invite. To make one, use a craft knife to cut an 8-inch-long surfboard shape out of Fome-Cor (sold at most craft or art supply stores) or cardboard. Cut an identical shape out of colorful Con-Tact paper. Stick the Con-Tact paper to the top/default.htm of the surfboard and print on a fun announcement with a black marker. Print the rest of the information on the back, including a reminder for guests to wear their favorite beach attire.

Hang Ten Poses Having your photo taken while you strike a dramatic surfing pose makes a fun icebreaker for this shindig. To set the stage, put on some inspiring music (any Beach Boys tune will do), then spread a blue tarp or blanket on the ground and place a folded-up ironing board on top/default.htm of it. Guests can then take turns "riding" the board while you snap Polaroid postcards of them to take home as souvenirs.

Paper Leis It wouldn't be a true Hawaiian celebration without colorful flower leis. You can either make them ahead of time and have your child distribute them as the guests arrive, or provide the supplies so the guest can make their own. First, trim the top/default.htms of colorful cupcake liners to resemble scalloped-edged flowers. Then cut a bunch of drinking straws into 1-inch lengths for spacers. Using a wide-eyed embroidery needle and twine, alternately sew through the centers of a bunch of flowers and string on straw sections. When the strand is long enough, tie together the string ends, and the lei is ready to wear.

Skewer pieces of fruit, cheese, and meat with fancy toothpicks and arrange them on a pupu platter (that's Hawaiian for appetizer!). Blend together tropical fruits, juices, and ice for smoothies that your guests will go bananas over. Serve them in pretty glasses garnished with cocktail umbrellas. See Cake recipe below.

Hula Hoopla Hawaiian partygoers will get a laugh out of giving this contest a whirl. Hand two of the guests hula hoops and see who can hula the longest. Then pose the challenge to two other kids. Once everyone has had a chance, have the winners of the first round face off against each other, and so on, until one guest is the victor. He or she wins a hula hoop!

Aloha Volley Played with a beach ball (or even a balloon), this game puts a tropical twist on classic volleyball. Set up a net (or you can string a piece of clothesline between two stationary objects). Ask each team to come up with a fun name like the Invincible Islanders or the Volley-canoes. Explain that the object is to hit the ball back and forth according to standard volleyball rules. But instead of scoring points, teams are awarded letters to spell A-L-O-H-A. The first team to complete the word wins!

•Make your place look like a tropical paradise by decorating it with exotic paper or silk flowers, colored holiday lights, and paper lanterns.
• Set up a beach umbrella to create a shady spot where guests can get out of the sun. And have plenty of sunscreen on hand.
• Hawaiian Party Favors: Send guests home from this party in paradise with tropical trail mix (just add dried pineapple chunks and macadamia nuts to your favorite mix), shells, beach balls, or sunglasses.


Hawaiian Beach Cake
Make a big splash at your Hawaiian luau with this beachy cake.
1 baked 13- by 9- by 2-inch cake
2 1/2 cups blue frosting
1/4 cup white frosting
1 cup graham cracker crumbs
Candy rocks
Birthday candles
Plastic Hawaiian dancers
Candy flower sprinkles
Plastic palm trees
Fruit Stripe gum (surfboards)
Plastic figures
LifeSavers (inner tubes)
Sour tape, cut into 1-inch lengths (beach blankets)
Paper parasols
Plastic dolphin or gummy fish
Lightly coat the entire cake with a thin layer of blue frosting. Swirl extra blue frosting on two thirds of the cake to create the ocean with waves and a curvy shoreline. Add whitecaps by squirting white frosting through a pastry bag.
To make the sandy beach, sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on the remaining third of the cake (the crumbs will stick to the thin layer of frosting). Next, let your kids help you turn the cake into a bustling beach. Arrange a circle of candy rocks around a candle bonfire.
Add Hawaiian dancers, a candy flower path, plastic palm trees, Fruit Stripe gum surfboards, plastic swimmers, LifeSavers tubes, sour tape beach blankets, and paper parasols. Don't forget to stock the ocean with edible and decorative sea creatures.

Dog Days of Summer Word Search
Words to Find:
Beach Towel

I Love Lucy Trivia
True / False
Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York.
I Love Lucy ran for 3 years on air.
False, it ran for six years.(It's still on in reruns.)
Desilu productions was a combination of both Desi Arnez and Lucille Balls names.
I Love Lucy first went on air In 1965.
False, it aired on CBS in 1951.
Desi and Lucy were married untill the last show aired.
True.The day of the last filming of I Love Lucy,Lucille Ball filed for divorce.
I Love Lucy aired at the same time every week.
True.It aired on Mondays at 9:00 pm.

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